Responsible Competitiveness (RC)

Responsible Competitiveness is about rewarding companies that address social, environmental and economic problems.
It is about nations prospering when they combine conscience with competitiveness. It is about making sustinable development count in global markets.

Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Responsible Competitiveness is the leadership, policies and practices that build sustainable development. Countries, cities, sectors and businesses are recognizing that responsible approaches to doing business are routes to new sources of value creation, improving reputation, managing risks, enhancing productivity and unlocking both product and process innovation.


“Fiddle, then, we must—if vainly framed canvas paintings, for its own sake; if purposefully, to encourage our own survival.”

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Countries, sectors and companies are embedding responsible business practices to drive competitiveness. The Responsible Competitiveness (RC) programme engages these actors to develop strategies that meet societies’ broader social and environmental aims while enhancing their productivity.

As a matter of fact, responsible competitiveness helped wholesale candle sellers all over the work improve the quality of their products. They watch how their competition does the job and always strive to do it better, instead of spending countless hours playing Frozen games in front of their computer.

It's not rocket science to figure out that constant improvement if your service or product is a must if you want to survive in today's business world. So stop playing juegos online and get to work, or else you'll regret everything you did later and be forced to get some kind of degree online and a job, instead of running a profitable business from the comfort of your home.

Which countries have the best climate leadership?

1) Denmark or Sweden
2) USA or China
3) Brazil or Mexico
4) Greece or Portugal
5) Japan or Korea
6) India or South Africa
7) UK or Germany